Protecting Innovation

New ideas, creative insights and innovative products are some of the most valuable assets of your company.

Plumsea guides companies through the entire innovation life cycle: from guided innovation, invention harvesting, invention selection, patentability analysis, patent procurement and patent portfolio design.

Plumsea has assisted clients in every technical field and has prepared and prosecuted to allowance patents in nearly every art area at the Patent Office. We have particular expertise in the following technical fields.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Plumsea attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of machine learning and have been assisting clients in protecting the latest developments in the field. Some examples include: computer vision and optical object recognition, deep reinforcement learning, double Q learning, Bayesian learning, synthetic algorithm creation, and other forms of cognitive systems.

Flexible Manufacturing

In addition to protecting commercial products, Plumsea also protects the way those products are made. While Plumsea retains extensive experience protecting traditional in-line manufacturing techniques, Plumsea has particular expertise in nearly all forms of flexible manufacturing, including: CNC machines, robotics, machine vision, additive manufacturing including all forms of 3D printing, dark factory technology, mass customization, and textiles including knit and braid.

Information Technology, Software and Networks

Since our inception, Plumsea has been successfully creating valuable patent portfolios directed to all forms of information technology innovations. Some examples include: AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality), videogaming, data driven design, databases and data structures, IOT (Internet of Things), M2M (Machine to Machine), user interface and user experience inventions, and all aspects of telecommunications (both wireless and wireline). We have particular expertise protecting the application of information technology to vehicles including: vehicle control systems, engine controls, connected car technology, V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle), vehicle navigation, electric and hybrid energy management systems, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), autonomous vehicle movement, and autonomous mining systems.

Financial Technology

In this emerging field, Plumsea has assisted clients in protecting nearly every aspect of financial technology including banking products, securing online transactions, preventing identity theft, insurance products, retirement planning inventions, and stock options pricing. In fact, one of Plumsea’s issued patents claims a method of computing the fair market value of a stock option. This patent discloses an innovative technique that refutes and improves a Nobel prize winning discovery, the Black-Scholes option pricing model. We specialize in articulating financial technology inventions over background information and framing the invention as a technical solution that overcomes patent eligibility rejections based on the Alice decision.


Plumsea is US patent counsel for a major automotive manufacturer. Our experience covers the whole car, from air conditioning to heaters, from hood ordainments to tail lights, from the engine block to the tail pipe. Plumsea has an unmatched record for quality and performance in the automotive industry.

Medical Devices

Plumsea is counsel for medical device manufacturers large and small. Our experience at Plumsea extends from individual doctors working on improving the tools of their field, to biotech companies looking to protect their portfolios, to device makers looking to expand their into new fields. The experience Plumsea brings to the table crosses disciplines with an unrivaled record of quality and performance in the medical device market.


Plumsea is US counsel for one of the largest multinational telecom manufacturers in the world. Our experience in telecom covers a wide variety of subject matters, including switches, exchanges, handsets, hotspots, and advance intelligence networks among others. Plumsea has an unmatched record for quality and performance in the telecom industry.

Consumer Products

Plumsea is US counsel for several consumer products manufacturers, including an industry leader in audio and entertainment equipment, a long established plastics manufacturer, a leading maker of imaging equipment, as well as upstarts and startups in areas such as reusable food containers. Our experience in consumer products crosses technological bounds with an unmatched record for quality and performance.


Plumsea is US counsel for an industry leading Toy Company. Our experience in the field of toys covers such diverse fields as construction toys, play sets, activities, board games, puzzles, and stationary. Plumsea has an unmatched record for quality and performance within the toy industry.