Medical Devices

Plumsea is counsel for medical device manufacturers large and small. Our experience at Plumsea extends from individual doctors working on improving the tools of their field, to biotech companies looking to protect their portfolios, to device makers looking to expand their into new fields. The experience Plumsea brings to the table crosses disciplines with an unrivaled record of quality and performance in the medical device market.


U.S. Patent 9,005,237 Device and Method for Clot capture

A clot removal device for removing a clot from a blood vessel.  A clot capture element exerts a radially inward compression force on the clot.


U.S. Patent No. 8,518,117 Disc fusion implant

A spinal prosthesis including an implant strip for insertion between two adjacent vertebrae.  The implant strip has a first portion and a second portion with the second portion configured to deflect under an axial load before the first portion deflects.


U.S. Patent No. 9,089,379 Direct-Impact System for Prothesis Employment Device

A deployment device for a prosthesis which includes a driven assembly configured to apply a force to the prosthesis.