Consumer Products

Plumsea is US counsel for several consumer products manufacturers, including an industry leader in audio and entertainment equipment, a long established plastics manufacturer, a leading maker of imaging equipment, as well as upstarts and startups in areas such as reusable food containers. Our experience in consumer products crosses technological bounds with an unmatched record for quality and performance.


U.S. Patent No. 9,320,376 Reusable Food Covers

A flexible reusable food cover which creates a seal with partially consumed foods, such as fruits and vegetables.  The reusable food cover preserves these foods and extends the time of suitable consumption.


U.S. Patent No. 8,847,851 Head Mounted Display

A head mounted display attached to eyeglasses.  The head mounted display could be attached at the bridge of the eyeglasses.


U.S. Design Patent No. D609,214 Loudspeaker


U.S. Design Patent No. D743,377 Loudspeaker


U.S. Design Patent No. D726,684 Loudspeaker


U.S. Design Patent No. D484,113 Speaker Housing